Manifesto Ideas

Manifesto Ideas

Get into the first set of themes and ideas for the DSI Manifesto.


DSI is participatory, horizontal and inclusive.

DSI should involve indisciplinary collaboration

DSI is not a brand to tag people

DSI is decentralised and distributed.

Thought provocative

DSI is globally local.

We work for mass collaboration, across Europe and the world

Stimulate social inclusion and sustainable Development

DSI fosters continuous learning and sharing.


We are the means to enhance DSI practices in Europe/world

We are a community of communities

DSI is creating a new discipline

In DSI people is empowered, not assisted

DSI communities are self-determined.

DSI at the service of all society populations segments

More than economic & financial impact

In DSI there are expert facilitators, not expert consultants

DSI neeeds experimentation to grow

New ways of assessment

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