Solution: Engage with charities and NGOs who actually work on a daily basis with such cases, Consult/listen to people who have lived experience


Hasn’t this been happening for years already? Perhaps civil society isn’t strong enough to brings about change.

This is good and important but is not a solution to the problem posed. Rather it is perhaps a means to find a solution.

Doesn’t this need to be linked to a process of political influence?

This idea is vital for understanding needs at ground level, but it is doubtful that it would lead to change at global and national levels.

There are open letters being written and several attempts made by ngos to put their points forward which come with relevant experience. The govt must sit up and pay attention.

What will make government pay attention if hostile policies keep voters?

Most policy makers actually do not get to hear much from people directly affected by policies they are developing, so there is potential to have some impact if they do.

Charities are the people with real understand of experiences of refugees and migrants. Their voices are not heard currently, or taken seriously.

Charities and NGOs have been trying to make the government listen for some time! They don't because of politics/racism

These NGOs and charities may have their own biases and hidden agendas when working with the UK govt. It is still difficult for the govt to balance the point of views from diff parties

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