Agitate, demonstrate, disrupt

Agitate, demonstrate, disrupt

Historically, only 3.5% of a population needs to mobilize to trigger dramatic structural and political change. Speaking your truth, supported by facts, to those around you to change minds does not make you a "difficult" or "unpleasant" person -- some truths are, as has been said, inconvenient. Join with like minded individuals to demonstrate. As long as it does not harm yourself or others physically, disrupt the operations of those who continue actively polluting whenever possible.


In the post-factual era, with media so narrowcast, manipulated and disingenuous, how can mass action even be sure to reach the catalyst point? Do we believe if we hear that 3 or 5 percent of our nation turned out in the streets? Do we call it Fake News? Doesn't the efficacy of protest rely on a shared set of objective facts in the political process?

Common Sense for the 21st Century should be the blueprint for this thread; it lays out the best plans for civil disobedience in the name of averting/mitigating our ongoing climate disaster.

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