Newhaven Community Garden £4,200

Newhaven Community Garden £4,200

We have a number of interested volunteers that want to garden, but lack in confidence, and we would like to have training sessions for new gardeners and workshops around plants and traditional crafts. We have access to a learning space so we can run sessions. We have frail and elderly people and it would be good to have seats that are transportable to sit at the raised beds and we want to encourage all ages to take part, so we need gloves and tools that are appropriate. We also want to plant a small orchard with sensory plants to encourage wildlife.


We are supporting vulnerable people as the community gardening involves all local people of all ages and abilities to bring colour into lives, to open doors and improve health and well being. We work with families and encourage children to bring adults, and adults to bring children, so everyone can benefit from the therapy of gardening.

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