YLT Records - Free music education and more... £5,000

YLT Records - Free music education and more...  £5,000

YLT Records aim to provide free music tuition and work experience to disadvantaged young people (up to age 25) through workshops and ‘on the job’ training. Services will be provided by industry experts and will take young people with little or no musical knowledge to being able to play in front of live audiences and running their own events. Young people involved will take part in fundraising campaigns to make Leith disability friendly, starting with our campaign ‘YLT IN DA PARK’which aims to make playparks in Leith accessible to children with mobility issues.


Our project addresses (primary aim) the financial inequality that prevents so many young people accessing music tuition, and (secondary aim) the social inequality that is blocking our community’s disabled children from playing in parks with their friends and family and segregating them from their peers.

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