Developing Principles for Economic Pluralism

Developing Principles for Economic Pluralism

We are developing standards for masters programmes to be considered pluralist. Please suggest standards you think are missing; give pros and cons on the ones already here; and vote on standards and importance of existing pros and cons. For instructions see short video on left.


Teach how accountants fail to report investor overpayments

Teaching Beyond the Boundaries of Evidence

The Importance of the Teaching Style

Focus on real-world problems and application

Masters Programmes Eligible for Accreditation

Establishing a critical pluralist practice

What do our potential students want and need?

Understanding relation of alternative styles of analysis

Data Pluralism

Teaching various schools of thought

Identification of master programs in economics

Gaining a more scientific understanding of macroeconomics

Learning (+assessment) criteria for your masters programme

Reintegrating Energy/natural resources into economic theory

Pluralism = Liberalism + Institutionalism + Structuralism

The Question of "Proper Economics"

Bringing back the human heart to its place in the center

Utter honesty

Critical reflection

Defining a sustainable unit of value to sustain humanity

Teach how to allocate resources sustainably without markets

Limitations of neoclassical economics

Global South perspectives

Major and minor aspects of the "Big Picture"

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